HI, I’m Brian Bedford, and I write about personal, professional, and financial well-being.  After more than a decade as a Financial Advisor, I came to know that money isn’t the most important thing in life. That being said, few things will impact your life more than how you handle money.  It’s more than just a race to an impressive lifestyle; the way you handle money flows from your soul...the deepest parts of your identity. It reveals the best parts of who you are, and also the parts that could use some IMPROVEMENT.

Personal, professional, and financial well-being cannot be separated from each other; they are like three braids interwoven to make strong rope.  For this reason, focusing on one aspect apart from the others usually leads to frustration. For example, there are thousands of people writing about “success” when it comes to professional and financial well-being.  From my perspective, most of these writers are missing the point.

The goal of personal and professional development shouldn’t be to chase an outcome, but rather to become the right person.  The goal should be to become you, a you that is at peace with who you are, and how you exist in the world.

Now you know why I write.  I am writing about these things as I travel down my own path, learning how to observe and respond to the things that make me come alive….and give me peace.  I’m sharing my journey with you, and hoping some of you will share your journey with me as well. Thanks for joining me at The Bedford Perspective!